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IBB EUROPE is also actively supporting the Czech cultural life and scene, especially elctronic music events and parties. Rave Nation (CZ) is the crew belonging to IBB EUROPE, organizing various electronic music events in the Czech Republic. Originally it was founded in 2007 as the multigenre club party, with idea of making an alternative to standard techno events that went more commercial, boring and bound with styles. In last 15 years it has grown to the team producing larger events but philosophy of Rave Nation remains the same - freedom and multigenre in styles - this spirit lives till today. Rave Nation events are always multigenre - from tech house, trance, through psytrance, techno, acid, to rave & hardcore on one stage, without any barriers. Simulatenously we never separate music to old school and new school since the good music breaks any time barrier. So we standardly combine classic and new tracks / artists.

One of Rave Nation important value is to keep the original spirit of DJing – that is why we support the vinyl DJing, turntables and real DJ skills. Most of our parties are vinyl only, if it is impossible due to DJs´ requirements, turntables are always present on stage.

We cooperate with the top Czech DJs, practically all the best and most famous Czech DJs have played at some of our parties, like Lucca, Ladida, Orbith, Golpe, Agent and others. From international DJ stars we have invited for example Marusha, Kai Tracid, Hooligan, Quicksilver, CJ Bolland, Du´Art, Jam El Mar and others. We were the first who took legendary Dune to the Czech Republic. We have organized the parties in some of the most attractive venues of the Czech Republic, like Boby Centre in Brno, exhibition centre Ideon in Pardubice or legendary L-Club.

Aftermovie from Rave Nation party you can watch here:

Rave Nation is proud of cooperation with the company Technics, greatest producer of Turntables. Technics workshop has been present at Rave Nation parties few times, we were also the first to officially present Technics new turntables SL1210MK7 right at the party.

Rave Nation has also its own resident DJs, playing at most of our parties:

  • – KILLER (acid, techno, rave)
  • – LUCAS (classic trance)
  • – SHIVA (classic psytrance)

Between the parties made by our team belong for example: Rave Nation, 90s Time Travel Rave, Rave on the beach, Space Woodstock, Vinyl Club Night.

Contact: j.kohler@seznam.cz
Tel.: +420 733 754 790

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